Hiking in HK

It’s been more that six years since the last time I went hiking, so getting back on the trail was a very exciting experience for me. I’ve been focusing on work for the better part of my late 20s and early 30s, and haven’t been on a “proper” holiday for years. This year was supposed to be my third Chinese New Year (CNY) in China, and this year I wanted to do something special and hiking seemed like a good idea.
This year I had five days off for Chinese New Year and I planned three routes: mountain rout for CNY Day 1, an island rout for Day 4, and a flatland march for Day 5. Days 2 and 3 were planned as a break after Day 1 – I had been a couch potato for the past six years or so, I knew I will need a lot of rest.
One of the reasons I love Honk Kong, is that it is very well organized and hiking is no different. The trails are very well marked and mostly well taken care of. The routes are interesting, with beautiful sights, good information signs and they are very well categorized (if it says on the sign, that it’s gonna be a difficult trail – it WILL be). Most of the people I met were kind, helpful and quiet – just as it was back home.

My First Peak in HK

I will write in more detail about those three routes I took in following posts. I will also keep hiking (I told myself to do at least one 15-20km trail each month – for many reasons, I can only afford to go hiking one Saturday in a month) and keep posting about what I went through and what I saw.

1. I am by no means a pro trying to get back into the game, nor am I aspiring to become one. Back in the day I walked some miles (maybe I will write about it one day, too), but that was in an other life. Right now I am an overweight, lazy-ass couch potato, trying like hell to lose some kilograms.

My Hiking Companion

2. I found so far, that my best companion on every trail (my girlfriend is the best companion only on some trails :-P) is my phone. Currently I’m using Google’s Nexus 1 and it is really great: all the hiking pics were taken with it, all the GPS coordinates were marked with it, all the routes were measured (time, distance,  altitude) with it – using different apps of course.

3. I had a knee surgery exactly a year prior to when I started hiking in HK (ACL reconstruction). My biggest problem was the fear of my injury returning. So far I cannot combat this fear, though trying.


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